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November 11, 2011


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Contest Time!!! (Win a 1 year Sub)

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 11, 2011, 7:38 PM
Shazura by Tho-Be!

COM: Coolshaun4's Icon by Kiss-the-IconistPhotobucket♥SHAUNA's JOURNAL ♥PhotobucketCOM: Coolshaun4's Icon by Kiss-the-Iconist

So as I mentioned in the previous journal, I really want to hold a contest. This contest is extremely broad, so anyone can enter!! :D

:bulletred::bulletpink::bulletgreen: Rules :bulletgreen::bulletpink::bulletred:
:iconastrawberryplz:Draw any of my OCs, either as best friends, couples, or even siblings! you can create your own outfits or use mine :D For couples maybe a simple day out, a dramatic scene, or even a fairytale! If its friends maybe theyre hanging out, or trying on clothes, whatever you come up with! It doesnt have to be in color, and comic pages and charms are accepted!!!!! I'd love to see what you come up with.
:iconastrawberryplz:Nothing perverted or creepy lol.
:iconastrawberryplz: Be sure to properly address each character's specific personality. Strangely, with the female characters- Pay close attention to each of the socks and shoes they wear :D

:bulletred::bulletpink::bulletgreen: The Characters :bulletgreen::bulletpink::bulletred:
:bulletpink: Shazura Usagi :bulletpink:

Shazura Chibi 2.0 by Queen-CaffeineShazura Loves Cupcakes  by Queen-CaffeineShazura Usagi- Reference Page by Queen-Caffeine
The main character in my Pokemon Doujin. She loves Jigglypuff, strawberries, pink and green, bunnies, cake, cupcakes, hearts, and watermelon. She is sweet and caring, but not the smartest. She is very oblivious to what goes on around her. Her brother is Yoshi, who points out a lot of her oblivious moments, however if he is not around Miaka usually does this. Shazura has tremendous feelings for Sitoshi Koyama. She gets really quiet and nervous around him, but sometimes that nervousness turns into talky and loud lol. This causes him to act grumpy to hide his feelings for her.
**She wears a pink hair ribbon! This is important because Sitoshi gave it to her when they were children**

:bulletorange: Sitoshi Koyama :bulletorange:
Sitoshi by Queen-CaffeineShazura and Sitoshi School by Queen-Caffeine
Sitoshi is the heart throb at Uchiwa High School. In my story three main characters are shown to have feelings for him- Shazura, Ane, and Chii. Keep in mind his family is short on money, and he choses to go to the dance with Ane, but he has and always has had feelings for Shazura. They have been friends since childhood, and although they drifted apart, they have always kept feelings for one another. He is aware of her feelings and she is unaware of his. He gets really nervous around her, and hides his feelings by acting grumpy or making fun of her. buutt... he loves her :heart: His favorite color is orange, but he also likes green. He kinda spies on Shazu sometimes.. he likes to draw and play guitar.
*His Pants are REALLY dark red, not black* :D

:bulletblue:Miaka Tsukino :bulletblue:
Miaka Tsukino Reference Page by Queen-CaffeineMiaka Tsukino Chibi by Queen-CaffeinePoolside Drinkage by Queen-Caffeine
The shortest of the girls, has a short fuse too ^^ She is generally composed and very fashionable. She is afraid of the dark and is a major gossip. Miaka loves to talk and can also be a very good friend. Her favorite shirt is this one Poke-Friends-Club.deviantart.c… worn with denim shorts and the same shoes and socks as those worn with her uniform. She is very pretty and boy crazy she loves the color blue, blue raspberries, crescent moons and puppies . She is accidentally struck with Jigglypuff's attract attack, and falls for Shazura's brother Yoshi.  Her hair is Ino (from naruto) blonde and it is always in pigtails, with two blue ribbons

:bulletgreen: Yoshi Usagi :bulletgreen:
Chapter 3 Cover by Poke-Friends-ClubVolume 1, Page 11 by Poke-Friends-ClubYoshi by Queen-Caffeine
(sorry for the awful references its been a while since I drew him)
If drawn with Shazura or Miaka in their school uniforms- Keep in mind he wears the same uniform as Sitoshi, sometimes without the tie ALWAYS with the hat, unless you draw Miaka playfully taking it =P Yoshi is very funny and a chick magnet. He is 14 2 years younger than the rest of the cast. Hes probably Shazuras height, but taller than Miaka. Hes a risk taker, he climbed on the roof the first day of school. Hes always had a crush on Miaka, and always points out Shazura's faults. He has a pikachu and later becomes the 8th Gym leader. When Miaka falls after being attacked, he catches her, He is the first one she sees.  He likes green, playing bass and video games.

:bulletyellow: Hoshiko Mora & Tai Daifuko :bulletyellow:
Hoshiko WIP by Queen-CaffeineEquinox by Queen-CaffeineHoshiko and Tai- Page 1 by Queen-Caffeine
Hoshiko is the tallest and shyest of the group. She loves stars, yellow, red pandas and pineapples. she is a witch and can fly/teleport. She wears a light yellow ribbon. She falls for the funny and sweet Tai daifuko.   if you draw Hoshi in her uniform please draw Tai in the uniform Sitoshi wears above Hoshiko likes practicing her magic and baking. she wears white socks with red stripes at the top as shown above. Tai likes making jokes and playing drums.  His best friends are Sitoshi and Chii

:bulletpurple: Other Important Characters :bulletpurple:
Hasegawa-san by Poke-Friends-Club<-- Chii Nasegawa, a sweet caring girl who masks her personality by acting tough. She likes purple and is kind of a tomboy. She wears the PINK uniform Shazura wears She has feelings for Sitoshi. She dances with him once and Shazura gets jealous. Chii realizes how he feels about Shazura and when Shazu asks her to see how he feels, Chii decides to confess her feelings. Shazura sees her confession and gets very upset. Chii realizes the love between the two and tells him to run after Shazura. Shazura and Chii then become friends
Eeveelution Love by Queen-Caffeine <-- Hotaru Nishada- a Nightmare Before Christmas lover, and a very sweet person. She was once popular in HS, but realized she did not have true friends, she then cuts her long hair and dyes red streaks in her hair. She likes black and red, she caught a Pichu with a masterball ^^, She finds true friends with Shazura Mimi and Hoshi. She likes gothic dress and gothic loli :D She wears the RED uniform that Miaka and Hoshi wear with black and white striped socks
Volume 1, Page 17 by Poke-Friends-Club <--Ane Kaede her hair is Bright orange (Like Orihime) She is rich and snotty, and she is Shazura's main rival. She goes to the dance with Sitoshi and tortures Shazura about it. She likes emerald green and her socks have 2 emerald green sprials on the sides. Her overalls are generally worn outside of school and they are blue with a white shirt. Her hair tie is green, and she wears the Pink uniform Shazura and Chii wear

I hope you will enter!!! I cant wait to see everyones wonderful entries :love:
:icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:Contest Prizes Found Here!

Shazura and Sitoshi by Gorenute!PhotobucketPhotobucket

Special Thanks to tho-be for the journal header, and Hannun for the journal footer, I love you guys and your talent <3
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Cookiexhimexx Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Did this contest end dear? I'm sorry I never got around to see whatever happened ^^'
kittiehcakes Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
BTW, when is this contest ever going to end?
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I don't understand completely, but i'll join .....
Queen-Caffeine Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012
I'd love to see your entry :love: just draw two or more of them together, if you need help you can see all of the entries in the "contest entries" folder located in my favorites :iconsmilieplz:
kittiehcakes Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok c: Do Miaka and Shazura get along? I'm doing them C:
Queen-Caffeine Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012
Theyre best friends :iconilikeitplz: I can't wait to see!!
Yumichan216 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Sounds cool~ But it would be nice to have deadline so I know when to finish it by...
Queen-Caffeine Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012
It's gonna be in may :) im gonna post a journal explaining it all :blushes:
Yumichan216 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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